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Well I suppose our first blog really ought to be an introduction to those behind It's A Dog Blog!

I, that’s Mandy have been around dogs all my life and my son Thomas has had no choice but to embrace them too! Growing up I gained experience with all sorts of breeds including German Shepherds, Springer Spaniels, Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahua’s. This is just a few to name but I think you get the idea. My obsession if I can call it that is Rhodesian Ridgebacks – I fell in love with the breed near on 20 years ago and have never ever regretted allowing them into my life. To date we have owned ten Rhodesians and I have a feeling we won’t stop there. Our pack are currently residing on the sofas in the sun. For those of you not familiar with the Rhodesian Ridgeback… they are a large hound that originated from Southern Africa. They are an extremely loyal and intelligent breed and make wonderful companions. Their trademark so to speak is the ridge of hair that runs down their back in the opposite direction. I breed and exhibit these beautiful dogs and our kennel has been very successful in the show ring. It is true to say that the dogs are more than just a pet or a hobby, they are a huge part of my life. They have taught me many values and lessons in life and I am sincerely grateful to them for that. I also enjoy judging our beautiful breed and I am gradually working my way up that ladder!

It is so important to me that our dogs are raised in the most natural way possible. We have a very good relationship with out vets, however if we can avoid toxins and chemicals we will. We are fortunate enough to have vets that understand our wishes and so this is never too much of a problem. We also understand the need for common sense and would never risk our dogs health and welfare, so if a visit to the vets is in order then that’s where we head. Our dogs are all raw fed, and if we have bred them then they would have been weaned onto raw food between the ages of three to four weeks old. This leads me nicely on to the day job! Both Thomas and I work for our own family run raw pet food company. Wolf Tucker (aptly named by my husband!) was created in 2011. Our passion for feeding our own dogs fresh food soon became a desire to help other dog owners. It started very small (our home kitchen) and grew in popularity, the demand has been overwhelming at times but it is just so nice to see just how many dog owners want to learn more about their dogs diet and want to make changes to improve the health and longevity of their companions. Thomas is the brains behind marketing and logistics and I manage the business with my husband Brian. We have an amazing team who are dedicated to the business and have helped us go from strength to strength.

Thomas lives just next door with his beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters. It is very much a family affair here! Thomas does not have any dogs of his own but is very involved with ours, it makes good sense to have a son next door that can dog sit! Thomas loves nature and enjoys gardening, he has a new veggie patch and plans to be self sufficient. I am hoping one of his daughters will show an interest in dog showing, now wouldn’t that be good!? I also have a special interest in canine nutrition and natural health. I use homeopathy and natural supplements on both myself and my dogs. I am a firm believer that supplements should only be used where warranted and our main source of nutrients should come from our food, what's the saying? “We are what we eat”? Our bodies should be a testament to our wellbeing and vice versa.

I am currently studying canine psychology, another area I am particularly interested in. The more I can understand about my dogs the better placed I am to develop important strategies to maintain the pack disciplines and hierarchy.

So, I suppose you maybe wondering why we have started It's A Dog Blog, and that's a very good question. It really was Thomas’ brainchild, he has always encouraged me to share my knowledge of dogs and share the immense love I have for them. If we can help anyone with their dogs then it’s a job well done. I am really excited about letting you in to our lives, and I should warn you they can be a little crazy at times! I will be the first to tell you that our dogs are no angels; we have resident counter surfers and slipper chewers! What I will say however is that we have happy, balanced dogs and that it what is so important, especially if like us you have a pack of dogs.

What will we be sharing? Well of course we will share our knowledge of raw feeding and canine nutrition. Other subjects will include the importance of exercise; needed for both physical and mental well-being. Some topics may be more specific and aimed at certain groups, for instance breeders and exhibitors. We also hope to involve some guest blogger and reviews. Watch this space :)

We may need you to be patient with us whilst we build the It's A Dog Blog family. Like the big oak you have to start with a little acorn. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and get involved!

Rhodesian Ridgeback enjoying the sun!
I have been around dogs all my life, growing up our family had many different breeds including German Shepherds, Springer Spaniels, Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahua’s. Now I have 10 lovely Ridgebacks.